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APCO Events Professional Development Sessions

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The following sessions are pre-recorded Professional Development Sessions audio synchronized to PowerPoint from the APCO Annual Conference.
Compassion Fatigue: When Dispatching Becomes Too Much
Aug 13, 2017
Public safety professionals are passionate about serving others; however, this calling can take its toll. High stress, low sleep, dealing with the worst of society and witnessing human tragedy reduces employees' mental/physical health. We will explore compassion fatigue, describe strategies to combat it and offer agency wide interventions to build resilience and healthy coping in employees.
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Organizational and Cultural Change: It Takes Grit!
Aug 13, 2017
Public Safety needs Leaders who evolve and effectively guide their teams through change. Constant change is the new normal. From new technology to consolidations we live change 24/7. Those who are resistant to change or cannot adapt to the speed of change in this new normal are at risk of professional extinction. Learn how to change a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.
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One Common Goal: People Oriented PSAP Leadership
Aug 13, 2017
If much of the stress felt by the front line can be lessened or eliminated, why aren’t leaders taking immediate action? Many managers would like to, but aren’t sure what specific actions will make a difference. This presentation outlines the power of a people-oriented approach, the keys to successful implementation, and offers powerful stories of success from comm center managers around the U.S.
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