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Developing A Learning Culture through Employee Accountability

August 13, 2019
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Humans are fallible, and no system can prevent all mistakes from happening. How we react and learn from those mistakes is critical in minimizing future mistakes. This presentation will cover human behavior, systemic learning, and appropriate employee accountability to create a learning culture. Learn how defining specific duties - applicable to ALL employees (including management) - can help bring clarity for supervisors and managers when dealing with mistakes and risky behavior. We will explore the concepts of a Just/Learning Culture, and how systemic learning and event investigation can reduce bad outcomes and lead to better relationships between labor and management.

Learning Objectives
  1. Managing Human Behaviors
  2. Systematic Learning
  3. Finding Justice
Presenter: Ryan DesJardins, Quality Assurance & Accountability Manager, Portland Bureau of Emergency Communications
With more than 20 years in emergency communications, Ryan has worn the hat of dispatcher, supervisor, operations manager, technical manager and quality assurance manager. He's on a mission to change how we support employees, reduce staff turnover and build trusting and learning cultures in every 911 center in the country. Through these strong cultures, organizations can achieve efficiency, greater performance, and a minimized risk of bad outcomes.
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