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How to Improve What You Say and How You Say It

August 14, 2016
This registration has a fee.

Session description:
Participants will take an honest look at how ineffective communication directly affects an agencies morale and the turnover rate. A closer look will also examine how to avoid the legal pitfalls of saying the wrong thing. A closer look at how information is interpreted and thus becomes someone’s "truth" will also be covered.

Learning Objectives:
  1. The elements of effective communication
  2. The Difference between listening and hearing and how they both play a vital role in communication
  3. What it means to say the wrong thing and how this can lead to legal pitfalls
Jeryl Lynn Brown Anderson, RPL, ENP
Special Initiatives Coordinator
Orange County Emergency Services

Speaker Bio:
Jeryl Lynn Brown Anderson, Special Initiatives Coordinator Orange County Emergency Services has been a Telecommunicator for over thirty years. She is currently employed at Orange County Emergency Services, as the Special Initiatives Coordinator. Jeryl has been a certified instructor since the 1990’s and has vast experience in class room presentation to include, but not limited to, curriculum and testing development and on-line course development and implementation. Jeryl is proud to have been at the beginning of the Telecommunicator Certification Course for North Carolina Telecommunicators, during her time as a Criminal Justice Instructor Coordinator with the NC Justice Academy, where for eleven years, she taught, edited, and implemented the curriculum across the state of North Carolina. Jeryl is an experienced on line instructor, conference speaker and event coordinator. Jeryl is an RPL through National APCO and an ENP through National NENA.

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