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APCO Agency Training Program Certification

Training for Public Safety Telecommunicators, both initial and continuing, is a critical element in providing essential services to the public in an ever-expanding and rapidly changing public safety environment. The APCO Agency Training Program Certification (formerly referred to as P33) is a formal mechanism which leads to APCO certification of agency training programs. This certification is based upon an agency meeting or exceeding all requirements addressed in the APCO ANS 3.103.2-2015 Minimum Training Standards for Public Safety Telecommunicators. Agencies applying for certification submit their curriculum, training materials and supporting documentation to be checked for compliance. The primary objective of the Agency Training Program Certification is to advance the training and professional development of public safety communications officials through the certification of an agency’s training program.

Agencies that wish to achieve the APCO Agency Training Program Certification will follow a specific process designed to educate, prepare, and finally apply for certification. The agency will be required to review the Rules and Procedures that guide the certification process, download and read the appropriate APCO ANS, and complete a pre-application online training program. This process is focused on assisting agencies in understanding the process and proceeding with their application only once they are comfortable doing. Once all pre-requisites are completed, the agency will be allowed to proceed to the application and review process. At this point, the agency must submit a non-refundable application fee of $500.00 for each training program submitted. Applications must be complete and submitted by December 1st of each year in order to receive certification and recognition at the next APCO International Annual Conference. Once an agency completes, and submits, their application a team will be selected and will perform the evaluation. Once an agency has passed the evaluation and approval has been recommended, a formal letter will be sent to the agency from the Chair of the governing Committee notifying them of their certification award. Agencies achieving certification will be recognized at the next APCO International Annual Conference and Exposition with the presentation of a plaque. APCO International will produce a press release announcing the certification and work with the agency to produce a press release for use with the agency’s local media outlets and public relations activities. Certification as meeting the APCO International ANS 3.103.2-2015 Minimum Training Standards for Public Safety Telecommunicators is valid for three (3) years from the date of the award. At the end of the three (3) year certification, agencies are required to submit a new application in order to recertify.
The APCO Minimum Training Standards for Telecommunicator is the core standard upon which the Agency Training Certification Program is based. Understanding this Standard is essential to success.
APCO has instituted a mandatory training presentation for all candidate Agencies. Completion of this training is required prior to proceeding in the process.
At the completion of the training course, you will be asked to affirm that you have completed the entire class and understand the requirements and obligations of this program. Once completed, you will receive a Certificate of Training. Please upload the certificate via this button in order to enable you to proceed in the process.