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Organizational and Cultural Change: It Takes Grit!

August 13, 2017
More Details:
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Session description:
Public Safety needs Leaders who evolve and effectively guide their teams through change. Constant change is the new normal. From new technology to consolidations we live change 24/7. Those who are resistant to change or cannot adapt to the speed of change in this new normal are at risk of professional extinction. Learn how to change a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. Add GRIT and change management to create a lead a culture that has the resiliency to weather change and evolve successfully.

Session Objectives:
  1. Attendees will learn to identify and overcome fixed mindset barriers in order to create a growth mindset attitude and culture.
  2. Attendees will understand the importance of grit, how those with grit are more likely to succeed. How and why to develop grit.
  3. Attendees learn how change management principles move organizations from a fossilized state through the fear of the unknown to become an adaptive progressive workforce meeting the needs to become “Dynamos” who succeed in an ever-changing environment.
Speaker: Holly Downs
Holly Downs is the Training Coordinator for the Salt Lake Valley Emergency Communications Center where she is responsible for training/certification & re-certification of over 100 employees. With 20+ years of public safety communications experience as a 911 Call Taker, Fire Dispatcher, Police Dispatcher, Trainer (CTO/ CTOI) and Operations Supervisor. Holly has a core philosophy of being a life-long learner. She has been a leader through dispatch agency mergers, new CAD system, new phone system, text to 911 and other changes which have given her experience in change management, growth mindset and the importance of grit. Holly is an active member of APCO currently serving on the PDEC and ADCOM committees. Holly received certification from the FBI and UT POST Instructor Development courses. Her speaking experience includes but is not limited to: various APCO International & IAED conferences as well as locally at NENA, APCO, UT BEMS and POST conferences and training's.
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