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Critical Incident Training

August 7, 2018
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We often here the cliché’ it’s lonely at the top, or you can’t lead if you can’t follow. These quotes are just an example how being a leader can make you or break you. In this session, the attendee will be provided tips on how leadership can be rewarding for the leader and the receiver. It doesn’t have to be lonely, hard, tiring, stressful or frustrating. Leadership can be fun, exciting, fulfilling, deliberate and rewarding.

Learning Objectives
  1. The Price of Leadership
  2. Are you leadership material?
  3. Getting the Crab out the bucket
Presenter: Regina Cochran
Regina Cochran has been serving at the Harris County Sheriff’s Office for over 14 years, all in Public Safety. Her experience as a 911 Calltaker, Police Dispatcher, Communications Training Officer , EDC Supervisor, and Crisis Chaplain made Regina a lifelong learner with a passion for teaching and training. Ms. Cochran obtained her certification as an Instructor from Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. She also serves on the Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Peer Support Team. She is an active member of APCO International, Texas NENA, and Texas 9-1-1 Trainers, Public Educators of Texas, Texas TERT and she has served on numerous state committees and national committees assisting with curriculum, professional development and testing for Telecommunicators. Ms. Cochran has also been a speaker at Texas Public Safety State Conferences, served on the Texas APCO Board, and has been involved in many activities with APCO. She holds Associates in Paralegal Studies; a Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science, a Masters’ in Public Administration and is in pursuit of her Ph.D. in Public Administration.

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