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Learn How FirstNet® Verified Apps Help First Responders in the Field - Webinar - #60829

June 15, 2021
This registration has a fee.

As an emergency communications center (ECC) professional, you do much more than take 9-1-1 calls and dispatch first responders in the field. You collect and share vital information from an incident. You connect information provided by the public with the response activities happening in the field. And that information is coming at you from more places than ever, as your systems are upgraded to integrate new NG9-1-1 features. As the front-line responders, you play a pivotal role in helping all responders update their tactics to catch up with the technology.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about apps in the FirstNet App Catalog that can help make your critical connections more effective and efficient. You’ll hear how those apps go through a thorough evaluation and why they’re trusted. For example, you’ll see how RapidDeploy dispatch data is instantly available on FirstNet devices using the Nimbus app. And you’ll hear how RapidDeploy incidents can include information from OnStar. Today, vehicle information is automatically shared when a driver in California is in an accident. Yes, that means comprehensive, error-free, information is shared before a 9-1-1 call is placed.

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Next, learn about Security Enhancement System’s app. This FirstNet Verified™ tool grants responders digital access to locked sites. Watch how the SES Remote Access app helps responders enter locations like electric substations, or other structures without another callout or the damaging use of an axe.

Tom Hoke is the Vice President of Sales at Security Enhancement Systems (SES)
Michael Guadan, Principal Sales Engineer, RapidDeploy
*FirstNet and the FirstNet logo are registered trademarks of the First Responder Network Authority. All other marks are the property of their respective owners.
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