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Every Call, Every Time: Why Redundancy and Resiliency Are Ever More Critical for Safer, Smarter Cities - Webinar - #61907

November 9, 2021
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As the world continues to face a global pandemic, we are being forced to respond to and manage increasing complex and severe climate related disasters ranging from fires to floods. Successfully planning for and responding to this incredibly demanding new reality starts with your technology and systems and asking the hard questions about interoperability, flexibility, and stability.

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Will your systems be there when you really need them? What can you do to help make sure these essential systems are effective? How can you overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow by deploying advanced software solutions? Why is it worth the investment? These are questions everyone in public safety must be able to answer today and tomorrow and what we will discuss in this timely and informative webinar.

Presenter: Christopher Blake Carver, ENP, MPA, Director of Sales, Hexagon
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