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Evaluating NG9-1-1 Voice and Radio Solutions

September 28, 2016
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September 28th at 2:00 PM ET

WEBINAR RECORDING: The Whitcom Regional 911 Communications Center in Pullman, Washington, faces a number of unique challenges. Whitcom supports over 70 agencies across a broad and rural geographic area — including fire, law enforcement, EMS, two universities, and most recently, a sovereign nation. In this webinar, Whitcom’s director Patti Kelly will discuss the process of evaluating and selecting NG9-1-1 ready logger and radio console solutions that integrate not only with their current communications equipment, but also with the equipment Whitcom will need to acquire in the future. She will share lessons learned and provide tips for centers going through the same evaluation process.
Sponsored by: HigherGround Avtec


Patti Kelly Patti Kelly, Director Whitcom 9-1-1 Communications Center
Patti Kelly has devoted her career to public safety, with 28 years specifically dedicated to 911 communications. A member of the Washington State E911 Advisory Committee, Patti serves as an instructor and consultant in GIS mapping for use in 911/CAD systems, and is trained and certified in a number of public safety and 911 communications topics. Patti is currently the director of the Whitcom Regional 911 Center, where she has been employed for nearly 20 years. Whitcom covers numerous counties in the states of Washington and Idaho, serving over 70 agencies including fire, law, EMS, universities and a sovereign nation.
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