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Illuminations - Instructor Track #53694

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This class is no longer available for registration.
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Jan 01, 2020 - Dec 31, 2020

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Instructor experience or certification is recommended

The Instructor Illuminations Program provides at-your-desk continuing education for APCO agency instructors and others interested in topics about teaching and learning. The program is offered as an annual subscription-based service and includes four online courses per year – taught quarterly by APCO Institute adjunct instructors. They can be accessed from any computer with Internet access. Topic selections change each year.

A new course begins every three months and must be completed within 90 days, prior to the beginning of the next course. Participants earn three CDEs for each class, for a total of 12 CDEs per subscription year.

Each three-month-long course allows participants to earn three CDE hours, for a total of 12 CDEs per subscription year. Participants must submit copies of Instructor Illuminations certificates of completion to the Institute to receive CDEs.

2019 Topics Include:

January: True Grit - Resilience in Instruction and Learning

  • What is grit in teaching and learning?
  • Encouraging student commitment and endurance
  • Developing a resilient growth mindset

An exciting emerging concept in education and training, grit is all about learners who stick with their programs, even in the face of setbacks and failures. Learners show grit when they get themselves up, dust themselves off and forge ahead with resilience. How can we identify students with grit? Can we encourage students to develop the abiding commitment they need to excel in their education and training? This Instructor Illuminations course will look to answer that.

April: Learning Analytics – Data-Driven Instruction

  • How data can inform instruction
  • Types of data to support learner success
  • Special concerns about data (GDPR)

Data analytics come into play both inside the training room and outside. Inside the classroom, trainers are looking to support students informed by key indicators of success. Outside the classroom, training and development programs face challenges to show measures of effectiveness in terms of trainee performance and staff retention. For these, and other reasons, instructors and trainers can benefit from getting acquainted with learning data analytics.

July: Individualized Learning – Tailoring training to fit the learner

  • Understanding each student’s learning needs and goals
  • Adaptable content and learner-centered methods
  • Student ownership of learning

For many of us, one size fits all has been the rule of training. But in today's comm centers, the training needs of staff may vary according to their prior learning experiences coming into the job, their current skill profiles, and their learning styles. These factors, and more, play a part in creating the need for training programs to consider individualized learning for staff. This edition of Instructor Illuminations will look at key concepts and implementation steps.

October: Managing Anxiety - Yours and Theirs

  • Different types of anxieties in training
  • Symptoms and warning signs
  • Ways of coping and managing anxiety-related problems

Opening night jitters? Well, that can be good if a little case of nerves motivates trainers or learners to prepare and do their best. But when trainers or learners suffer ongoing anxiety, it can become a hindrance to job performance and daily living. In this Instructor Illuminations, we will explore the different types of on-the-job anxiety, the causes, and the ways to address these issues.

COST: Annual Subscription (per student):
(No refunds, transfers, or substitutions allowed for this program)
Options Price
Non-Member $99 through June 30, 2019
APCO Member $89 through June 30, 2019
Group of 26-50 registrants $79 per person through June 30, 2019
Group of 51 and up registrants $69 per person through June 30, 2019
Effective July 1, 2019
Options Price
Non-Member $119 effective July 1, 2019
APCO Member $109 effective July 1, 2019
Group of 26-50 registrants $99 per person effective July 1, 2019
Group of 51 and up registrants $89 per person effective July 1, 2019

APCO Institute is committed to bringing you affordable, quality training and education. Please take the opportunity to try out this new learning medium and invite a co-worker or two to join you!

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