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Emergency Medical Dispatch, 5th Ed., Version 4 Instructor Update (2021), Online #60422

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This class is no longer available for registration.
See the Schedule and Registration page for upcoming courses.
Aug 11, 2021 - Aug 31, 2021

Additional Info:

Link to recording:

Students must hold a current Emergency Medical Dispatch, 5th Ed., Version 3 Instructor certification
The APCO Emergency Medical Dispatch, 5th Ed., Version 4 Instructor Update course is designed to bring current APCO Emergency Medical Dispatch 5.3 Instructors current with Version 4 release.

Changes to the EMD 5th Ed., Version 4 program include:
  • Content has been rewritten, revised and updated throughout.
  • New PSC community created for EMD 5
  • New final exam
  • New demo guidecards for training added to student manual
  • New PowerPoint aligned with content in EMD 5.4
  • Newly designed textbook in line with other APCO course manuals
Instructors will independently review the updates to the Emergency Medical Dispatch, 5th Ed., Version 4 course and complete a final quiz based on the new material. The instructor must score 80% on the exam. Each instructor will earn 2 CDE's upon successful completion of this course.

APCO Institute certified EMD 5.4 Instructors may not conduct classes outside their own agency. Excluded from this restriction are agencies who are part of a regional system with a common medical director and/or common guidecards.

CDEs Earned: 2

Recertification Requirements:
APCO certified Emergency Medical Dispatch Instructors must provide proof every two years of 24 hours (12 hours per certification year) of Continuing Dispatch Education (CDE) and 24 hours (12 hours per certification year) of Instructing hours. Complete information on the recertification process is provided at the conclusion of the Emergency Medical Dispatch 5th Ed., Version 4 Instructor Update course. Recertification requires ongoing continuing education and teaching.

$95 for 2021 update courses
(No transfers, refunds or cancellations accepted)

Online (web): 3 weeks
Instructors will work at their own pace. The class will remain open for 3 weeks. Instructors should anticipate two (2) hours of commitment to complete this update. Certificates will be issued once class has ended and been closed out.