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Illuminations - CTO Track #64247 - I’m a Certified CTO – Now What?

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This class is no longer available for registration.
See the Schedule and Registration page for upcoming courses.
Jan 01, 2023 - Dec 31, 2023

Additional Info:

Link to recording:

CTO experience or certification is recommended

The CTO track of the Illuminations Program provides at-your-desk continuing education for agency CTOs, trainers and other interested individuals. The program is offered as an annual subscription-based service and includes 4 online courses per year – taught quarterly by APCO Institute adjunct instructors. Courses delve into topics of specific interest to CTOs and others with training responsibilities. They can be accessed from any computer with Internet access. Topic selections change each year.

Each 3-month-long course allows participants to earn three (3) CDE hours, for a total of 12 CDEs per subscription year.

2023 Topics Include:

January -
I’m a Certified CTO – Now What?
After completing a certified CTO training class, you have book knowledge and practical training experience of what a well-organized training program that delivers standardized and consistent training consists of. You return to your agency and find you are immediately assigned to a trainee. You also become aware that some of the best practices you have just learned aren’t in place. Navigating from textbook theories to hands-on training with the help of APCO ANS 3.101.3-2017 can help.
April -
Is Our Training Program Meeting Our Needs?
A high-quality training program meets the needs of the agency and the needs of the employees. This session reviews current national standards for a public safety communication training program, including program curriculum, CTO requirements, and instructor qualifications. Standardized training delivery and documentation are discussed. Finally, ideas for evaluating your new-hire and continuing education programs are provided.
July -
The Newly Released Trainee – Friend or Foe?
The trainee has just spent endless hours navigating the agency training program and earning the trust of coworkers to be accepted as part of the team. Evaluating the training program comes after the trainee has been released to the floor. It is our job to ensure the method of evaluating the training program is fair and objective with measurable agency benchmarks to demonstrate levels of ratings. This will help to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the program and keep the newly released trainee's relationships intact. Having standardized evaluation guidelines (SEGs) in place with the evaluation can help keep the status of the new hire as a friend and not to be abandoned as a foe.
October -
My Trainees Are Leaving. Is It Me?
It is all about attitude and professionalism when dealing with brand new employees. This course will give you a better understanding of knowing if you are the issue.

COST: Annual Subscription (per student):
(No refunds, transfers, or substitutions allowed for this program)
Options Price
Non-Member $132
APCO Member $121
Group of 26-50 registrants $110 per person
Group of 51 and up registrants $99 per person

APCO Institute is committed to bringing you affordable, quality training and education. Please take the opportunity to try out this new learning medium and invite a co-worker or two to join you!