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When Next Generation Becomes Now: What’s Next? - Webinar #57990

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This class is no longer available for registration.
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Sep 02, 2020 - Sep 02, 2020
2:00PM - 3:00PM

Today almost 5,000 9-1-1 centers have the ability to receive real-time information from connected devices, buildings and medical databases. With access to valuable information such as location and supplemental emergency data automatically delivered to their screens, dispatchers and field responders are empowered with unprecedented situational awareness and have the opportunity to provide an expedited, data-driven, and personalized emergency response.

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This session will share how public safety leaders across the country are utilizing life-saving data from sources such as Apple, Google, Uber, MedicAlert, and more to enhance emergency response and allocate resources more effectively. 9-1-1 professionals will leave with a clearer understanding of how to receive, train for and utilize this life-saving data. NG911 is no longer the next generation, it is now!

Presenter: Tracy Eldridge, Public Safety Community Engagement Manager.