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The APCO RETAINS Toolkit 3.0 boasts an updated, user intuitive platform to assist Emergency Communications Centers (ECCs) in analyzing current and future staffing needs, retention, and employee satisfaction. The Toolkit incorporates information from the updated RETAINS study including more recent trends such as emerging technologies and virtual and physical consolidation of ECCs. The toolkit allows subscribers to generate one (1) report for each of the available report types.
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RETAINS 3.0 Subscription
Staffing and Retention in Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs): A Supplemental Study
Price: Must purchase RETAINS 3.0 (above) or APCO Membership (join now).
Description: This report is based on a study conducted by George Mason University (GMU) on behalf of APCO. The study takes up many of the issues addressed in previous studies, and also considers two more recent trends in ECC operations: use and awareness of new technologies, as well as virtual and physical consolidation of PSAPs.
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