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Instructor Techniques, 2nd Ed., Online #53789

June 24 — August 4, 2020
This registration has a fee.

Minimum one year experience in a public safety communications center or a telematics or 3-1-1 call center.
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This course explores the basic skills and techniques of teaching.Based on the principles of adult education, students study the dynamics of instructional delivery. Successful completion of this course provides you or the instructors in your agency with the techniques they need to apply to training courses covering a wide range of subject matter, especially public safety communications.Instructional media and exercises used throughout the course reinforce the knowledge attained in discussions and demonstration.

This course is ideal for those who have been tasked with training within your agency.For either a new instructor or an instructor with experience, the course offers training on understanding the educational needs of adult learners, strengthening your presentation skills, sharpening your classroom management abilities and improving your lesson planning.

The Instructor Techniques, Second Edition textbook includes modules on:
  • Learning and Learners
  • The Role of the Instructor
  • Lesson Plans
  • Design and Use of Instructional Media
  • Simulation Design and Use
  • Testing and Evaluation
  • Liability in Training
  • Demonstration Lesson

New to the Second Edition are topics on: generational learners, student engagement, classroom management, and extended discussion of learning technologies.

Upon successful completion of the course, you or your instructors will be able to:

Train your personnel in your agency’s course(s):
  • Foster skill development through practical exercises
  • Understand student engagement and deeper learning
  • Develop lesson plans
  • Design and use instructional media
  • Create effective simulations
  • Create quizzes and exams based on course objectives
  • Understand the factors relating to liability in training

A minimum of one year experience as a trainer, supervisor or lead worker in a public safety communications center or a telematics or 3-1-1 call center.

Award of Certification

Students successfully completing this course will receive an APCO Instructor Certificate for general training purposes without certification for any APCO course.However, holders of this certificate can pursue upgrades to APCO course certification by completing the required coursework needed for each discipline.

Holders of the general certificate are expected to fulfill the duties and obligations of an APCO instructor.These include, among others:
  1. Provide professional training using instructional techniques consistent with adult learning styles and the techniques of this course
  2. Devote such time as may be reasonably necessary for the purpose of preparing for the delivery of any training program entrusted to you
  3. Keep and maintain accurate records of all class activity
  4. Conduct all testing and evaluation in a fair and impartial manner, using valid and reliable testing and evaluation instruments.

Recertification Requirements:

APCO Institute certified instructors are required to recertify every two years. Recertification for general instructors requires a minimum of 12 hours of teaching time for each certificate-year as well as 12 continuing education credits (CDEs) for each certificate-year, for a total of 48 points for the two-year period of your certificate.

Recertification requires ongoing continuing education and teaching.

$459 Live Course
$509 Institute Online
(includes $50 distance learning fee)
Member Discount $20
Late Fee $25

Classroom: 5 days
Online (web): 6 weeks


Course is taught in the classroom, or in the Institute Online. Tuition does not include travel, lodging, meals, or other costs. Web class registration does not include web access fees or other local internet/web-related costs. Certification fees are included in tuition.
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