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Community Engagement Through Neighbors - Webinar #59139

February 17, 2021
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Learn about how you can join public safety agencies from all over the country who use Ring’s Neighbors Public Safety Service to enhance your community outreach efforts and help make neighborhoods safer.

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Neighbors Public Safety Service is free and allows public safety users to:

  • Join Neighbors as an identified user to issue alerts, send push notifications and participate in the public safety discussion within your community.
  • Ask the community directly for assistance when a fire or other safety incident occurs. Residents can share information and videos to help the investigations if they choose.
  • Post important prevention and education tips as well as real time emergency updates to Neighbors users.

Phil Dienstag, Territory Manager, Neighbors

Ring provides the Neighbors app as a free way for residents in the US to connect and share hyper-local safety updates and information from reliable sources — whether or not they own a Ring device. Local police and fire departments can join Neighbors Public Safety Service (NPSS) to share important, hyper-local crime and safety updates and engage with residents on the Neighbors app in the communities they serve.
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