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Candidate for 2nd Vice President
Matthew Franke

Captain, Communications Section Commander
Butler County, Ohio

Matthew Franke

I have committed my adult life to public safety by serving over 40 years as a police officer, firefighter, EMT, dispatcher and ECC manager. APCO has provided me the standards and training required to be successful in these challenging fields and APCO members have provided me with resources and support when I needed them. I have strived to pay back the Association and its members though the years by sharing my knowledge and experience.

APCO Service and Experience
  • Leadership positions in Ohio Chapter
    • Past President, Executive Committee Member
    • APCO representative on the Ohio SIEC
    • APCO representative on the State 911 Technical Committee
    • Chair of Legislative Committee representing Ohio APCO at the State House
  • Leadership in APCO International
    • 5 years as Ohio Representative on the Executive Council
    • 5 years as North Central Representative on the Board of Directors
  • Participation in APCO Committees
    • Chair of the Spectrum and Technology Committee

Many challenges face Public Safety Communications today. Spectrum issues (4.9 and 6 GHz) and NG9-1-1, possibly the most transformative change I have seen in my career, are but two technology examples. Yet our greatest challenges may be in recruiting, training, and retaining our people. Everyone loves new technology, but we must be cognizant of the operational and human factors. NG9-1-1 will further demonstrate that Telecommunicators are indeed first responders. APCO must provide guidance to these Next Generation Telecommunicators; we must support the people who will be answering the calls every day.

I realized early on that APCO was the one stop shop for all issues concerning public safety communications. APCO members have helped me throughout my career and to this day. Members help the association and help each other by participating in the efforts of committees and chapters. I see it in my role as a committee chair; and I see it in my daily review of PSConnect postings.

Today I have the opportunity to return a debt of gratitude to APCO and its membership. I would consider it an honor and privilege to serve as APCO 2nd Vice President. With 5 years’ experience on the Board, I am uniquely qualified to lead APCO during this period of transition in our Executive Director position.

APCO has been by my side for many years and I wish to positively contribute to the continuing success of this great organization. I feel the job is unfinished, my debt unpaid, and eagerly look forward to joining with all APCO members to achieve the next great accomplishment in the public safety communications industry. With your support and assistance, we can continue to build on our past progress.

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Thank you for your support.