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Conference & Exposition Committee

The scope of the Conference & Exposition Committee is to provide recommendations on overall strategies pertinent to the Annual Conference and report to the Board of Directors.
Committee Members
Name Position Agency/Company
Mason, Jenny    Communication Center Specialists 
Ostin, Kim  Chair   
Kirkland, Jennifer  Vice Chair  Grand Junction Regional Communication Center 
Hughes, Brian  Member   
Kirkland, Jennifer  Member  Grand Junction Regional Communication Center 
Munroe, Jo-Anne  Member  Virginia Beach Emergency Communications and Citizen Services 
Ostin, Kim  Member   
Rowell, Ricky  Member  Nassau County Sheriff Office 
O'Connor, Michael  Board Liaison  Western Will County Communications Center 
LaMonica, Brian  Group Leader  Southampton Village Police Dept 
McCandless, Nonie  Group Leader  Douglas County 911 Emergency Services 
Giannini Henry, Patricia  Staff Liaison  APCO International 
Williams, Lisa  Staff Liaison  APCO International