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Editorial Committee

The scope of the Editorial Committee is to solicit articles from public safety communications subject-matter experts for monthly magazine and to review and peruse website to maintain a consistent message and style.
  • Collect or create content for publication in the Public Safety Communications Magazine and other media.
  • Not all committee members write articles, so you don’t need to be a perfect writer.
  • Those attending the national conference may attend the planning meeting.
  • Workload is consistent throughout the year.
  • Monthly Conference Calls.
  • No travel required.
Committee Members
Name Position Agency/Company
Massengale, Christine  Chair  Tennessee Dept of Safety & Homeland Security 
Berg, Matthew  Vice Chair  Virginia Beach Emergency Communications and Citizen Services 
Banks, Michael  Member  County of Summit, Ohio 
Blackmon, Bart  Member  Houston County Sheriff's Office 
Butler, Brian  Member  Motorola Solutions  
Caylor, Victoria  Member  Whitfield County Emergency Services 
Chaffin, Tina  Member  Castle Hills Police Department 
Chame, Kelly  Member  Bartlett Police Department 
Coleman, Patrice  Member  Metro Nashville Department of Emergency Communications 
D'Antona, Nicholas  Member  Southwest Regional Communications Center, Inc. 
DeBerry, Paula  Member   
Delvaux, Karolyn  Member   
Fell, Cynthia  Member  Plymouth Township Police Department 
Goldstein, Richard  Member  Naylor Association Solutions 
Greyling, Shaun   Member  Naylor Association Solutions 
Griffin, Dell  Member  Creek County Sheriff's Office 
Handshoe, Andrew  Member  Willard Police & Fire Dispatch 
Hawkins, Samantha  Member  Cobb County 911  
Heimkes, Julie  Member  Winbourne Consulting 
Hermes, Sherianne  Member  Addison Consolidated Dispatch Center