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Cybersecurity Committee

The scope of the Cybersecurity Committee is to conduct research and provide recommendations concerning illegal intrusions into IP-based PS communications networks.
  • Research and provide recommendations designing IP-based PS communications networks for infrastructure security.
  • Provide resources and education on mitigation and recovery.
  • Research, solicit or write educational bulletins for APCO cybersecurity page.
  • Strong knowledge of cybersecurity concerns is preferred.
  • Workload consistent throughout the year.
  • Monthly Conference Calls.
  • No travel required.
Committee Members
Name Position Agency/Company
Ashurkoff, Stephen  Member  Comtech Safety & Security Technologies 
Bertnagel, David  Member   
Biegert, Kevin  Member  Jeffcom911 
Burdick, Kimberly  Member  Chouteau County Sheriff's Office 
Chandler, Chris   Member  University of Delaware Police 
Costa, Hugo  Member  Mesilla Valley Regional Dispatch Authority 
Deese, Chad   Member  Robeson County Communications  
Delvaux, Karolyn  Member   
DeMar, D. Jeremy  Member  Intrado 
Denning, Donald  Member  Shirley Police Department 
Doberstein, Courtney  Member  Harrisonburg-Rockingham ECC 
Giglio, Christine  Member  Bedford Communications 
Halaychik, John  Member  Tompkins County Department of Emergency Response 
Jeffares, Jason  Member  Alexandria Department of Emergency Communications 
Lessard, Kevin  Member  Northern Middlesex Regional Emergency Communication Center 
Marzano, Anthony  Member  Will Co 9-1-1 Emergency Telephone System 
Meier, Craig  Member  Baltimore City Police Department 
Ray, Carlton  Member  Shelby County 911 District (TN) 
Shaffer, Tim  Member  Issaquah Police Dept 
Wurst, Mike  Member  Springfield-Greene County 911