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Commercial Advisory Council

Aug 20 2009 -
The scope of the Commercial Advisory Council is to provide guidance and support to staff, to support Corporate Partner Program, to solicit and secure new corporate sponsors, to provide support for international expansion, to support chapter's enhancement initiative, to promote commercial membership among peers and non-member exhibitors at the annual conference and chapter/regional conferences.
Committee Members
Name Position Agency/Company
Behar, Bill  Chair  Commercial Electronics Corp 
Bernard, Jason  Vice Chair  Motorola Solutions 
Andrae, Quint  Member  Watson Consoles 
Andrews, Scott  Member  AT&T 
Behar, Bill  Member  Commercial Electronics Corp 
Bernard, Jason  Member  Motorola Solutions 
Blanks, Holly  Member  Pulsiam S.A. de C.V. 
Carson, Kenneth  Member  Xybix Systems, Inc 
Duggins, Derrick  Member  Motorola Solutions 
Farmer, Gregory  Member  Harris Public Safety Professional Communications 
Hagerson, Eric  Member  T-Mobile 
Hannah, Mark  Member   
Hansen, James  Member  Word Systems, LLC 
Hisala, Jodie  Member  Tyler Technologies* 
Horden, Neil  Member  Horden Technology, LLC 
Jackson, Joe   Member  The Spectrum Firm Inc. 
Jackson, Tina  Member  The Spectrum Firm Inc. 
Kelley, Brian  Member  Venture Technologies 
Long, Jessica  Member  Tyler Technologies* 
Lopez, Christopher   Member  goTenna