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Bylaws Committee

The scope of the Bylaws Committee is to maintain the Association Bylaws and Policy Manual to reflect the actions of governing bodies and assist chapters with the development and review of their governance documents.
  • Workload varies, as required/requested.
  • Monthly Conference Calls.
  • No travel required.
Committee Members
Name Position Agency/Company
Akers, Toby  Chair  New River Valley Emergency Communications Regional Authority 
Besore, Celia  Member  The Monitoring Association 
Browning, Rob  Member  Capstone Project Solutions 
Goldman, Jonathan  Member  Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid  
Gruenwald, Matthew  Member  Southeast Emergency Communications 
Halaychik, John  Member  Tompkins County Department of Emergency Response 
Hash, Zach  Member  Tazewell County Sheriff's Office-Communications Div 
Jarman, Robert  Member  Coffee County Emergency Communications Center 
Juan , Domingo  Member  Office of Unified Communications 
King, Christopher  Member  Delaware County Emergency Communications Center 
McDevitt, Trudy  Member   
O'Connor, Michael  Member  Western Will County Communications Center 
Plumb, David  Member  Genesee County 9-1-1 Authority 
Schwarz, Jessica  Member  San Jose Police Communications 
Sorchik, Marta  Member  Cobb County 911  
Winkelman, Jarret  Member  EMERES Inc. 
Gusa, Grayson  Group Leader  Davie County 911 
Oliver, Shantelle  Group Leader  North Texas Emergency Communications Center 
Venable, Alison  Staff Liaison  APCO International