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Standards Development Committee

To oversee and manage the APCO National Standards (ANSI) process to ensure compliance with the Essential Requirements of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
Committee Members
Name Position Agency/Company
Allen, Karen  Member  Salt River Project 
Ashurkoff, Stephen  Member  Comtech Safety & Security Technologies 
Barberini, Jacqueline  Member  Redwood City Police Department 
Bates, Gary  Member   
Cahill, Lisa  Member  Marion County Public Safety Communications 
Devine, Stephen  Member   
Giggetts, Cheryl  Member  CTA Consultants, LLC 
Hicks, Bud  Member  West Central Consolidated Communications 
Leyerle, James  Member   
McClure, Nathan  Member  AECOM (VA) 
Morelos, Daniel  Member  Tucson Airport Authority (Retired) 
Ostin, Kim  Member   
Stolhand, Erica  Member  Hood River County 911 
Taylor, Sherry  Member  Public Safety Communications 
Weshinskey-Price, Judith  Member  Pinellas County Safety and Emergency Services 
Conner Adams, Mindy  Staff Liaison  APCO International 
Lawrence, Crystal  Staff Liaison  APCO International