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Military Employment Committee

The Military Employment Committee will evaluate options for aligning ECC staffing shortages with unemployed military spouses and Identify potential funding and partnership opportunities for this effort (U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Department of Defense, etc.).
Committee Members
Name Position Agency/Company
Russell, Seth  Chair  Murfreesboro City Police Department 
Dukes, Exzabia  Vice Chair  Metro Nashville Department of Emergency Communications 
Borden, Kristy  Member  Williamson County Department of Emergency Communications 
del Pino, Damiano  Member  Manchester Township 
Fleming, Kristen  Member  Williamson County Emergency Communications (TX) 
Ford, Linda  Member   
Garcia, Crissie  Member  Auburn Public Safety 
Giggetts, Cheryl  Member  CTA Consultants, LLC 
Groninga, Thomas  Member  Metropolitan Airport Commission 
Hill, Mayme  Member  Hamblen County 911 
Hogan, Kathy  Member  Metro Nashville Department of Emergency Communications 
Kelsey, Lara  Member  Carbyne 
Kertcher, Karla  Member  Chagrin Valley Dispatch 
Lantz, Brett  Member  Dorchester County Government Emergency Operations Department  
McCully, Scott  Member  Montgomery County Hospital District EMS 
McKenzie, Sam  Member  Prineville Police Dept 
Mitchum, Chrystal  Member  Hamilton County 911 Emergency Communications District 
Pharis, Jeanie  Member  Morgan County EMCD 
Rapitis, CPE, Lisa  Member  Chagrin Valley Dispatch 
Taft, Rebecca  Member  DeKalb County ETSB