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Military Employment Committee

The Military Employment Committee will evaluate options for aligning ECC staffing shortages with unemployed military spouses and Identify potential funding and partnership opportunities for this effort (U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Department of Defense, etc.).
Committee Members
Name Position Agency/Company
Brewer, Michael  Chair  Jeffcom911 
Backer, Stuart  Member  Fairfax County Department of Public Safety Communications 
Borowski, Todd  Member  Cobb County 911  
Brady, Taylor  Member  Bentonville Police Department 
Bubb, David  Member  Consolidated Communications Partnership (CCP) 
Culpepper, Valerie  Member  Dekalb County Police/Public Safety 
Day, Stacey  Member  Kenai Police Dept 
Duggan, William  Member  Fremont County E911 Authority Board 
Ford, Linda  Member   
Hernandez, Mag'e  Member  Motorola Solutions 
Hogan, Kathy  Member  Metro Nashville Department of Emergency Communications 
Martin, Joshua  Member  Tallahassee/Leon County Consolidated Dispatch Agency 
Mulholland, David  Member  Arlington County Department of Public Safety Communications & Emergency Management 
Nelson, Regina  Member  Tooele County Sheriff's Office 
O'Connell, Kerry  Member  The Sales Group Inc 
Regan, Kellie  Member  Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid  
Russell, Seth  Member  Murfreesboro City Police Department 
Scholl, Craig  Member   
Konarski, Cheryl  Group Leader  Joplin Emergency Communication Center 
McCandless, Nonie  Group Leader  Douglas County 911 Emergency Services