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Health & Wellness Committee

The scope of the Health and Wellness Committee is to research, document, and provide tools for ECC personnel to support, improve, maintain, and care for the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of all personnel working in public safety communications.
  • Research and develop innovative wellness trainings, programs and initiatives for use by APCO members.
  • Those attending the national conference may attend committee events.
  • Workload is consistent throughout the year; may increase based upon research needs.
  • Monthly Conference Calls with more added as needed based on committee work/research.
  • No travel required.
Committee Members
Name Position Agency/Company
Alterio, Melissa  Chair  Cobb County 911  
Walsh, Erica  Vice Chair  Columbus Regional Airport Police 
Anderson, Laura  Member  Sherburne County Sheriff Dept 
Atkinson, Tami  Member  Oregon Dept of Public Safety Standards & Training 
Bacon, Kayla  Member   
Baldino, Celeste  Member  Charlottesville/UVA/Albemarle County Emergency Communications 
Bruner, Brenda  Member  Alameda County Sheriff's Office Emergency Services Dispatch 
Burrow, Sharmonique  Member  Dinwiddie Fire & EMS 
Carruthers, Kyleah  Member  Brodhead Police Department 
Cerce, Brigett  Member  Moore County Public Safety 
Chamberlain, Tami  Member  Hamilton County 911 Emergency Communications District 
Clark, Bridgett  Member  Wilson County Emergency Communication District 
Day, Stacey  Member  Kenai Police Dept 
Dedmon, Ryan  Member  911 Training Institute 
Dieckmann, Maureen  Member  Moetivations 
England, Ella  Member  University of Nebraska Police 
Frey, Lydia  Member   
Gause, Katherine  Member   
Gaylord, Jodi  Member  Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency 
Giammarella, Rachel  Member  Metro Nashville Department of Emergency Communications