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Pro-CHRT Committee

The scope of the Pro-CHRT Committee is to champion the professionalism of the public safety telecommunicator in all disciplines (Law Enforcement, Fire-Rescue and Emergency Medical Service).
  • Gather information on best practices in various fields of public safety communications in areas like
    • Training
    • Health & Stress Management
    • Quality Assurance
    and other key areas Emergency Communications Centers utilize in their agencies.
  • Assist local chapters with the “human” element of telecommunications at the local level.
  • Recognize the work of communications officers on our social media platforms and through our exciting new program “Teammates in Action.”
  • Those attending the national conference may attend committee events.
  • Workload consistent throughout year.
  • Monthly Conference Calls.
  • No travel required.
Committee Members
Name Position Agency/Company
Erickson, Rick  Chair  The Woodlands Fire Department 
Little, Robert  Vice Chair  Columbus Police Department 
Arnold, Jennifer  Member  Flower Mound Police Dept 
Brooks, Marissa  Member  Pennington County ESCC/911 
Colwell, Jamie  Member  Galesburg Police Department 
Cook, Mindy  Member  Amarillo emergency communications center 
Digiambattista, Dale  Member  Hemet, City of 
DiTeodoro, Dee  Member  Salem County Sheriff, Communications Division 
Dunn, Ron  Member  Santa Barbara Police Department 
Gibbs, Joseph  Member  Yarmouth Fire Department 
Gibson, Tangela  Member  Durham Emergency Communications Center 
Hiti, Hannah  Member  Stanislaus Regional 9-1-1 
Holley, Drusilla  Member  Fulton County Emergency Services 
Hopson, Jonathan  Member  Williamson County Office of Public Safety 
Hudson, Teresa  Member  Springdale Police Dept. 
Jennings, Marisha  Member  Office of Unified Communications 
Jensen, Sarah  Member  Lyon County Emergency Communications Center 
Loveless, Barbara  Member  Hamilton County 911 Emergency Communications District 
Mercek, Jennifer  Member  Grand Canyon National Park 
Michaelis, Joshua  Member  Rice County 9-1-1 Emergency Communications