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Pro-CHRT Committee

The scope of the Pro-CHRT Committee is to champion the professionalism of the public safety telecommunicator in all disciplines (Law Enforcement, Fire-Rescue and Emergency Medical Service). **Committee ended on 6/30/23**
  • Gather information on best practices in various fields of public safety communications in areas like
    • Training
    • Health & Stress Management
    • Quality Assurance
    and other key areas Emergency Communications Centers utilize in their agencies.
  • Assist local chapters with the “human” element of telecommunications at the local level.
  • Recognize the work of communications officers on our social media platforms and through our exciting new program “Teammates in Action.”
  • Those attending the national conference may attend committee events.
  • Workload consistent throughout year.
  • Monthly Conference Calls.
  • No travel required.
Committee Members
Name Position Agency/Company
Cohen, Jeff  Staff Liaison  APCO International 
Reddish, Mark  Staff Liaison  APCO International 
Venable, Alison  Staff Liaison  APCO International