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Agency Training Program Committee

The scope of the Agency Training Program Committee is to advise APCO staff on the training certification program process and solicit, review and make recommendations on training certification program applications.
  • Work in pairs to review applications and complete an assessments of applicants seeking Agency Training Program certification.
  • Strong knowledge of CALEA-accreditation or APCO ATP-certified agency preferred.
  • Labor intensive with hard deadlines year-round.
  • Those attending the national conference may attend committee events.
  • Monthly Conference Calls.
  • No travel required.
Committee Members
Name Position Agency/Company
Halaychik, John  Chair  Tompkins County Department of Emergency Response 
Stephenson, Sheryl  Vice Chair  Hendricks County Communications Center 
Alvarez, Kelly  Member  Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Dept 
Bailey, Christy  Member  Westerville Communications Division 
Brock, Tricia  Member  Fairfax County Department of Public Safety Communications 
Brouillette, Carrie  Member  Oak Lawn Regional Emergency Communications 
Burgamy, Brian  Member  Jasper County Joint 911 Authority 
Burt, William  Member  Parker Police Department 
Caccavale, Genice  Member  Flagler County Sheriffs Office 
Delvaux, Karolyn  Member   
Dent, Katrina  Member  Columbia County Sheriff's Office 
Erickson, Rick  Member  The Woodlands Fire Department 
Fowler, Diana  Member  Cencom E9-1-1 Public Safety Communications Ctr 
Fox, Joseph  Member   
Gibbs, Joseph  Member  Yarmouth Fire Department 
Glenn, Mindy  Member  Louisville Metro Emergency Services 
Goldman, Jonathan  Member  Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid  
Hall-Leipold, Leslie  Member  Pennington County ESCC/911 
Hanquet, Justina  Member  Valley Communications Center (WA) 
Hutchison, Mark  Member  Metro Nashville Department of Emergency Communications