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Professional Development Events Committee

The scope of the Professional Development Events Committee is to assist in selecting quality program topics and content for the educational tracks at the Annual Conference.
  • Review and recommend program topics for the educational tracks at the Annual Conference.
  • Those attending national conference may participate in committee events.
  • Workload heavy December through March.
  • Monthly Conference Calls.
  • No travel required.
Committee Members
Name Position Agency/Company
Pharis, Jeanie  Chair  Morgan County EMCD 
Williams, Holly  Vice Chair   
Adkins, Kristen  Member  Dothan Police Department 
Allwardt, Erin  Member  Calhoun County Consolidated Dispatch 
Anderson, Jeryl  Member  APCO Institute 
Anderson, Karen  Member  Division of Capitol Police 
Anderson, Michelle   Member  Potter County Sheriff's Office 
Atkinson, Alicia  Member  Regional Emergency Dispatch Center (IL) 
Ball, Brandie  Member  St. Petersburg Police Department 
Banks, Michael  Member  County of Summit, Ohio 
Beckles, Tiffany  Member  Dinwiddie Fire & EMS 
Berg, Matthew  Member  Virginia Beach Emergency Communications and Citizen Services 
Berta, Thomas  Member  Charlottesville/UVA/Albemarle County Emergency Communications 
Bloodworth, Bryan  Member  Town of Wake Forest 
Bunker, Stephan  Member  Farmington Police Department 
Burrow, Sharmonique  Member  Dinwiddie Fire & EMS 
Cerce, Brigett  Member  Moore County Public Safety 
Cole, Robert  Member  Hillsborough Co Sheriff's Office 
Crawford, Colleen  Member  Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon 
Cutright, Christopher  Member  Harrison County Bureau of Emergency Services