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Spectrum and Technology Committee

The Spectrum and Technology Committee will research and recommend positions and strategies concerning all aspects of spectrum and related technology available to public safety. This includes analysis of current and future trends and developments with respect to the use, coordination, interference management, interoperability, sharing, and operational considerations for land mobile radio, broadband and emerging spectrum resources as they apply specifically to public safety use. This work may include research and recommendations into IP based dispatch consoles, as well as other IP based technologies and services.
  • Technical expertise in Information Technology, Cyber Security, Networking, 5G, signal propagation, syllabus writing experience, and other emerging spectrum issues preferred.
  • Workload varies, as required/requested.
  • Monthly Conference Calls.
  • No travel required.
Committee Members
Name Position Agency/Company
Franke, Matthew  Chair  Butler County Communications 
Lemmon, John  Vice Chair   
Banks, Michael  Member  Summit County Public Safety 
Briseno, Nicolas  Member  Story County Sheriff's Office 
Cedeno, Ferdinand  Member  Puerto Rico EMS 
Clegg, Josh  Member  Athens County 9-1-1 Emergency Communications 
Daly, Brian  Member  AT&T Government Solutions 
Deese, Chad   Member  Robeson County Communications  
Douglas, Sean  Member  Puget Sound Emergency Radio Network 
Doyle, Thomas  Member  In-Building Wireless Solutions LLC 
Elliott, Joseph  Member  San Antonio Police Department HQ 
George, Daryl  Member  Lehigh Valley Health Network DPS & Emergency Operations 
Gosnell, Glen  Member  Washington County Public Safety 
Griggs, Jesse  Member   
Ingram, Steven  Member  Town of Cary 911 Center 
Kionka, Mike  Member  DHSEM - Office of Public Safety Communications 
Mann, Joshua  Member   
McGhee, Travis  Member  Cabarrus County Sheriff Department 
McKenzie, Cynthia  Member  Kettering Police Department 
Musselman, Michael  Member  St George Fire Protection District