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Historical Committee

The scope of the Historical Committee is to preserve APCO history, support the online museum, display documents and artifacts at the APCO Annual Conference & Exposition, and assist chapters in preserving their history.
  • Collect and promote historically significant memoirs and items relevant to the Association, Chapters, and Affiliates.
  • Those attending the national conference may volunteer in the APCO Pavilion.
  • Workload varies, as required/requested.
  • Monthly Conference Calls.
  • No travel required.
Committee Members
Name Position Agency/Company
James, Kyle  Chair  Delaware County Emergency Communications Center 
Lewis, Michael  Vice Chair  Montgomery College Office of Public Safety 
Duncan, Terry  Member  Douglas County Sheriff 
Ganger, Shannon  Member  Hickory Hills Police Department 
Gossett, Caleb  Member  Laurens County 911 
Martin, Roger  Member  APCO Missouri Chapter 
McFarland, James  Member   
Myers, Katy  Member  NORCOM (WA) 
Reynolds, Emery  Member   
Rust, MaryJane  Member  Manatee County Dept of Public Safety 
Rybicki, Richard  Member   
Spirescu, Adriana  Member  Orange County Sheriff's Department, Technology Division 
Vance, Erica  Member  City of Mesa Communications 
Venske, Charles  Member  Hennepin County Sheriff Dispatch 
Werner, Tracy  Member  Fauquier County Sheriff's Office 
Wright, Sherry  Member  E-COM Dispatch Center 
Gusa, Grayson  Group Leader  Davie County 911 
Stencel, Tim  Group Leader  Northwest Central Dispatch System 
Weis, Joanne  Staff Liaison  APCO International