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Candidate for 2nd Vice President
Angela Bowen, RPL, CPE

Manager, Curriculum Services Section, Georgia Public Safety Training Center

Angela Bowen

Authentic Courageous Leadership
My name is Angela Bowen, I am a candidate for APCO International 2nd Vice President, and I would be honored to earn your vote.

I started my public safety career more than 32 years ago at a medium-sized agency in metropolitan Atlanta and worked my way up from Telecommunicator to Shift Supervisor and finally Training Coordinator. In 2004 I became the coordinator of the state mandated Basic Communications Officer Training Course at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center. I now serve as the Curriculum Services manager, and am responsible for a diverse portfolio, which includes our communications training program.

After joining APCO International in 1995 I became active in the Georgia Chapter where I served as a Board Officer-at-Large, Secretary, Vice President, and finally as the Executive Council Representative. In 2017, I was elected to represent the Gulf Coast as a member of the APCO International Board of Directors.

During my time with APCO, I served on and chaired numerous committees at both the Chapter and Association level. As a member and chair of the Communications Center Standards Committee, I established a process for researching positions for which training standards were being developed, and helped develop a number of APCO’s training standards, as well as the initial Agency Training Program Certification. In 2015, President Brent Lee appointed me to serve as the chair of the APCO Group Leaders, helping to managing all of the various committees of APCO. My experience as a Group Leader and as a member of the Board of Directors has given me a unique insight in to the full spectrum of APCO International.

I believe that the most important element of our profession is the human element. As we move faster and faster toward true Next Generation 9-1-1, we must take a critical look at not only technology, spectrum, and governance, but also how we help telecommunicators, technologists, and technicians prepare for new roles and develop new skill sets.

I have four primary goals for my time on the Executive Committee, if I am honored to be elected as your next 2nd Vice President.

  1. Support Telecommunicators, Technicians, and Technologists through recognition, mentoring, and training for new skills needed in a fully NG9-1-1 environment.
  2. Help ECCs improve retention by addressing the mental wellness of Public Safety Telecommunicators.
  3. Increase engagement with members at all levels regardless of tenure.
  4. Position APCO for continued long-term & sustainable growth.

I never imagined that I would one day seek a position on the APCO Executive Committee, but I felt called to use my experience, education, and background to help lead APCO into the future. As we face new challenges, some already here, and some coming in the quickly approaching future, we must have leaders who are experienced, engaged, and authentically courageous.

I will always remain loyal to the mission of APCO International, operating with integrity, being tenacious in pursuit of our strategic goals, and always looking toward the future.

I would be honored to earn your vote and I look forward to continuing to serve APCO International for many years to come.